My Kin

my paypal is and i will add one of my personal kins here for 5 CAD sent to me. ALTERNATIVELY i will kin anything (including pairings) of your choosing for 10 CAD.

DISCLAIMER: note that the kins i decide to add are ultimately up to my own discretion. i will not accept payment for kins i will not put up. if you have any inquiries about kin prices or which kins i will accept please contact me!

Ritsu Kageyama
Salt Middle - 13 - Student - Esper
Status: Gay
Markiplier's Id - ??? - Youtuber - The True Self
Status: Vaping
Vic's House - 5 - Non-Toe Liker - Cat
Status: #neko_atsume
Kristoph Gavin
Jailpanifornia - 33 - Ace - Nonbinary
Status: Waifish
Shikamaru Nara
Konoha - 16 - Chuunin - Lazy ass (He/him lesbian)
Status: Long-distance dating Temari I think. Is that what this is about
Space - 69 (Combined) - Soldiers - Yaoigender
Status: Crossing spaceships that look eerily similar to dicks
Edit Credit: Me
Spectra Vondergeist
Monster High - 16 - Student/Journalist - Ghost
Status: Typring furiously on her iCoffin
Edit Credit: Me